The Original First Edition!

BCBUTTON.GIF (7990 bytes)Hay! Now that you've hoofed it over to this website, have you herd of Battle Cattle? If not, get ready to meat and butcher friends (who are not much pasture experience level) in this brand new high steaks competition from Wingnut Games. Bully your opposition into submission and milk it for all its worth.

Battle Cattle gives you the resources to take the ultimate fighting machines into pasture for the biggest event to hit the world. Equip these once domesticated animals with deadly weapons and turn them into the most lethal mammals ever to walk the earth. Each player is given money to buy and equip their very own moo-ing cow. Destroy your opponents and receive prize money to continue your reign as king of the barnyard in this udderly humorous bovine pasture battle game.

Game book includes rules for hexes, squares, or any flat surface you can find. No other game in history offers this much flexibility. Requires only a handful of d6's. What are you waiting for? Get moo-ving!

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