Moo-ve over people ‘cause the cows are comin’ home and they’re packin’!  The udder devastation continues with a new evolution of Battle Cattle.  Battle Cattle: Third Edition brings you the realism you’ve been licking your chops for!  Use these new and revised tabletop miniatures rules to play realistic Battle Cattle combat parallel to the cows from the Official Battle Cattle miniatures line (sold separately).

Also included are more cow breeds, weapons, modifications and accessories.  48 pages of perfect bound rules in a traditional 8.5” x 11” book with one full color pasture battlefield and full color cow chips to play…(You meant cow CHITS, right? You’re not really putting cow dung in the game, are you?)…Mooooo…

Errata: Someone has caught a problem on Page 31 under "Movement".  The example is wrong.  The number should be "5" to show the total movement points used is "6".

Cover Art: Colin Adams (www.ColinAdams.com)
Interior Art: Andy Hopp (www.AndyHopp.com)
Writers: Aldo Ghiozzi and W. Jason Peck
Compatible with Battle Cattle: Quest for the Holy Pail

Battle Cattle: Third Edition Bovine Record Sheet! (PDF)
Battle Cattle: Third Edition Cow Chits! (PDF)

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