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Wingnut Games
Brentwood, California
Phone: (925) 240-0862
Fax: (240) 220-8780

Wingnut Games' products are carried through a whole mess of game distributors thanks to representation through Impressions Advertising & Marketing.  If you are having trouble finding our games, someone mucked up somewhere because Impressions works with nearly every game distributor out there.  Contact
(yes, we happen to be one in the same people...)

We rarely take on submissions these days, but if you want to send something our way, make sure you can summarize your game to us in 3-5 sentences ONLY!  Send submissions to

About Wingnut Games
Wingnut Games was founded by Aldo Ghiozzi in October of 1993 (by accident). Things started out briefly as a mail order company during the beginning of the Magic: The Gathering craze and slowly moo-ved to a few arrogant friends thinking they could make some great games themselves.

One night a few of us were playing a game and we can't remember who said it, but we wondered what it would be like if the game we were playing surrounded farting. OK, call it weird, but the next thing you know "The Grim Reeker", "Prince Charmin" and "The Full Roaming Vapor" were created for PHART!. In 1994, right before the first 100 copies went to press, Magic: The Gathering just boomed and the next thing we knew the name was changed to PHART!: The Dispersing (for marketing purposes of course).

Well, three print runs later and distribution in the U.S., Europe and Canada, Wingnut Games was on its path of destruction towards Wizards of the Coast.

I doubt you want to hear the stories for all the other products, so why don't you just go to the products page and check them out.