Og: The Role Playing Game Second Edition

Prehistoric Role Playing in a World of Limited Words!

Players continue to no use big words play Og in Land of Og!  It's more fun than you can shake a club at.  Revised rules, expanded rules, live action rules and more for Og: The Role Playing Game.  All of this in one book that continues the spirit of a prehistoric world of limited words and unlimited fun.

Also included inside is one new word(!) and the full version of Og: The Game of Senseless Prehistoric Combat, the game that started it all.  It's everything we missed in the first book and more!  Not since the invention of the wheel has there been this much fun.  64 page, full color cover, perfect bound,  stand-alone book that does not require Og: The Role Playing Game to play.

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$9.95 (book) or $6.00 (PDF)
WNT2200, ISBN 1-929474-50-4