Solid!: The D20 Blaxploitation Experience

Tom Jolly Series of Board Games

Tom Jolly's Cargo
Tom Jolly's Camelot

Pewfell Comic Compilation Series

Pewfell Vol.1: Spirekassle Stories
Pewfell Vol.2: Tentacles of Crwm

RPG Blues Comic Compilation Series

RPG Blues Comic Compilation, Vol. 1
RPG Blues Comic Compilation, Vol. 2

Battle Cattle Series

Battle Cattle Plush Toy From Toy Vault - OUT OF PRINT
Battle Cattle: Third Edition
Battle Cattle: Second Edition - OUT OF PRINT
Battle Cattle: Quest for the Holy Pail (Battle Cattle: Second Edition and Battle Cattle: Third Edition Expansion)
Battle Cattle: The Card Game (Licensed to Steve Jackson Games)
Battle Cattle Online (Coming From GameTable)
Battle Cattle Miniatures - OUT OF PRINT

StuperPowers Deluxe

Soap: The Game of Soap Opera Mayhem

The Travelers Comic Series

Og Series

Land of Og (Og: The Role Playing Game Second Edition)
The Complete Caveman's Club Book (Land of Og Expansion)
Og: The Game of Senseless Prehistoric Combat
(Og tabletop game) - OUT OF PRINT