The D20 Blaxploitation Experience!

blax·ploi·ta·tion (blksploi-tshn)

1.) A genre of American film of the 1970's featuring African-American actors in lead roles and often having anti-establishment plots.

2.) Role-playing genre with soul, R 'n' B and disco music soundtracks, characters sporting big guns, big dashikis, outrageous hair, and some of the meanest, baddest attitudes to shoot their way onto a character sheet.

Solid!: The D20 Blaxploitation Experience is the most righteous book of 70's action role-playing to make it past The Man's censors. For use with d20 Modern, Solid! allows players to experience the soul, power, and action of the movies that defined a generation.  Includes new advanced classes like the Private Dick, Foxy Lady, Hustler, Preacher, Hoodlum, Police Detective, and Politician; new skills and feats designed specifically to help create the feel of over-the-top action; and enough style and attitude to empower any d20 Modern game.

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Hardback, 64 pages, 8-1/2"x11"